Kalemie Woodmaker

Kalemie Woodmaker

We still work hard, we provide quality wood for business

We invest in Wood and we make our future very stonger again and again

We understand life is easy, we are here for opportunities

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About Us

Wood, being both beautiful and practical, has always been a popular material to make products from. Today, many people continue to seek out -- and pay good amounts for -- wood products. A woodworking business specializes in producing such products, carving furniture or other items from wood.

The wood product manufacturing industry is a $6 billion industry that continues to grow. The top 50 companies in the sector command only about 30 percent of the market, leaving plenty of opportunities for new and smaller wood shops.


How we do Our Business

The profit potential of a woodworking business depends on what products  we make, where the products are sold and how skilled the business  is. Some We are  sell small products locally, and our revenue might be similar to the income supplied by a part-time job. Other business owners are master craftsmen and highly in demand. Their work might produce a comfortable salary, in some cases even breaking

The venue

A woodworking business’ ideal customer is someone who appreciates wood products and has discretionary income. Such a person is likely to be interested in products and have the money to afford them.

Feedback from last year

I really your services , you are very good for this opportunies.


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better services make you better. I really like your reliable services.
As part of your customers, I really enjoy your services. I have been your customer for many days.

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You are very committed to providing the best service to your customers and I am very happy to use your services anywhere, first of all your services are reliable and profitable for your customer

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One of the main reasons for using your services is because of your customer loyalty, I have been with you for many years now and I continue to really enjoy your services.

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All smile are welcome

We as young people decided to start this group for the purpose of self-employment. we offer services that each of our clients enjoy.
Every day we like to provide quality services to boost the economy of the people for buying our products

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