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Vaginal fungus and its treatment

The woman usually produces white or yellow vaginal fluids. When it comes to discharge of thick white or brown mucus and gives off a strong odor and irritation, this is a sign of a condition called vaginal discharge known technically as ‘Vaginosis’. A woman with this condition feels unwell andRead More

39 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

More than 1500 studies have confirmed that coconut oil is the best oil under the sun. This is not surprising because almost everyone knows coconut oil is golden for the health of the body and skin in general. Many cosmetic products if you examine them will find that coconut oilRead More

Treat allergies by using drinking water

Treat Allergies with Drinking Water In this article we will learn more about Allergies or Allergies in Kiswahili more. We will look at the link between dehydration and allergies and if you understand me then you will have understood how to prevent or treat this disease that afflicts so manyRead More

Signs that will show you your spouse has reached on the top

Climax is a condition in which a woman reaches orgasm after engaging in sexual intercourse or masturbating herself, a condition that causes her sexual desire to grow earlier. Of the 100% of women who engage in sexual intercourse, only 57% succeed in reaching orgasm. This is a very high numberRead More

How to protect your body system

As coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected communities around the world, many people have shut themselves down as a precautionary measure that stays healthy. Daily preventive measures – such as hand washing, skin and skin care, and good health – prevent far-reaching exposure to viral, bacterial and other pests. In addition, however,Read More


INTRODUCTION Diabetes mellitus, also known as diabetes, is a metabolic disorder that causes high blood sugar. Insulin is a hormone that allows and balances blood sugar levels. Insulin causes sugar from the blood in your cells to be stored or used for energy. With diabetes, your body does not makeRead More

Tanzua STore

Love Is Love

I have found in love not to go like a train, its engine turned on, you know just walking on the rails. Love needs to be evaluated here and there. You see your partner is losing you, you don’t have to go like a train on its tracks, stop firstRead More


Before we go into that list of those small capital businesses, I would like to see exactly what I mean when I say Small Business. I mean businesses with low capital requirements, for an investigation that may be official for our East African countries small businesses are the “most profitable”.Read More


business ideas for you 2021

1. TEACHING You can teach anything you know if there are people who want to learn. Evaluate yourself by asking yourself, what is something I know that people want to learn? That is a sufficient resource. Find those people and give them your services. The profession does not have toRead More

Some business idea you can do

Before we go into that list of those small capital businesses, I would like to put it right when I say Small Business. I mean businesses that require less capital, for informal research in our East African countries small businesses are the “most profitable”. Big profits don’t mean millions ofRead More