Vaginal fungus and its treatment

The woman usually produces white or yellow vaginal fluids.

When it comes to discharge of thick white or brown mucus and gives off a strong odor and irritation, this is a sign of a condition called vaginal discharge known technically as ‘Vaginosis’.

A woman with this condition feels unwell and may stop having sex either out of fear of pain or embarrassment as the man finds it difficult to tolerate the smell or even just sees the mucus as it creates the impression that his partner will be sexually transmitted or unfaithful in general.

Causes of vaginal discharge:

• Have more partners
• Some contraceptive pills
• Vaginal cleansing using chemical sprays
• Dirt
• Smoking
• Alcohol
• Bacterial or bacterial infections when they overwhelm the vagina


• Abnormal discharge
• Discharge of strong odors such as fish shells or something rotten
• Genital and vaginal irritation
• The vagina can change to red
• Pain in the genitals during urination
• Severe pain below the navel
• Discharge mixed with blood

Vaginal fungus and its treatment

Natural vaginal fungal remedy> Palimaua
To treat any type of internal infection that involves bacteria, viruses or fungi depends largely on the strength and quality of your immune system.
Your immune system is made up of specialized white blood cells that detect and kill bacteria and other invasive germs that cause disease.

When your immune system is weakened bad bacteria can multiply and accumulate in the body and spread to the reproductive tract through the bloodstream.

So in order to treat and prevent P.I.D you need to have a definite medication to improve your immune system to work at its highest level.

Palimaua is a combination of several natural remedies known to strengthen the immune system better than any other medicine you know or have ever used.
It is a good natural remedy that removes toxins from the body.
Contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important in restoring the body’s immune system because it is a vitamin that works to replenish the body’s cells and immune system.
Vitamin C strengthens the skin of the body, hair, gums, eyes and increases the overall strength of the body
It contains Vitamin A which is one of the vitamins mentioned to be very important in strengthening the immune system.
Vitamin A is important for people suffering from problems such as diarrhea, immunodeficiency, measles and malaria.
Palimaua cleanses your whole body, cleanses the liver, kidneys, heart, eyes, strengthens teeth, skin and hair.
It is an excellent natural anti-bacterial drug, anti-viral and anti-fungal.
It is also a good medicine for someone with insomnia.
Sleep is an important factor in boosting, maintaining and strengthening the body’s immune system.
If you do not get enough sleep every day it is difficult for your body to have a good immune system and so you will be easily attacked by bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
If you are pregnant do not use this medicine.
It also treats stomach ulcers
Always get advice from a physician before starting any medication
Once you notice these symptoms you are advised to see a doctor as soon as possible for further tests and medications may be oral or topical.
Until then I have given you this FREE Education you have not paid me even 100 shs. Money does not cure a person that is why even the rich die.

Note that medication alone will not work without considering the following advice or important conditions:

1. Drink plenty of water daily from 8 to 10 glasses
2. Consume foods high in vitamins B, C, D and E
3. Consume a lot of fruits, especially oranges, lemons, bananas and onions
4. Limit carbohydrate foods
5. Stop using birth control pills, this is because these pills are said to cause a weakened immune system and make you more susceptible to fungal infections.
6. Avoid unnatural sex
7. Stop using sugar and use honey instead
8. Do not use chocolate and other such items
9. Having only one partner
10. Prefer to keep yourself clean at all times
11. Take hot water
12. Stop cold drinks, stop colored tea and coffee
13. Stop drinking
14. Stop using perfume, especially in local areas

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