Treat allergies by using drinking water

Treat Allergies with Drinking Water

In this article we will learn more about Allergies or Allergies in Kiswahili more.

We will look at the link between dehydration and allergies and if you understand me then you will have understood how to prevent or treat this disease that afflicts so many people.

From 2006 to 2007 I was suffering from severe allergies. At the time I was crossing a dusty road I had to cover my nose because if a car passed by and dusted me off then I would sneeze and even cough, but when I realized the relationship between allergies and dehydration and started drinking then I saw something strange happen.

It’s only been a month since I started following the treatment with water then the dust allergy disappeared so much that even if you throw dust directly on my face nothing happens either sneezing or coughing.

Allergies in the simplest language are the body’s action of dehydration when histamine is produced in excess to promote the absorption of water and the distribution of small amounts of water available in the body.

Histamine is the primary sensor of the brain that is produced to deal with the distribution of water to vital organs during dehydration.

It is involved in the function of the distribution of a small amount of available water (water rationing due to you continuing to wait for thirst and then drinking water) during dehydration (Unintentional chronic dehydration).

Histamine in simple language:

Histamine is a chemical that our body releases when it needs help to balance deficiencies of essential nutrients such as water, salt or potassium.

Histamine and its five other helpers (5 buddies) will help to re-align the body that is out of balance. Histamine is certainly a good thing that saves our lives according to Dr. Batmanghelidj.

Because of the misunderstanding of exactly how histamine works in the body, drugs have been developed to control it. When histamine is produced, it can continue to be produced and produced because we eat or drink the same thing that our bodies cannot use.

A good example is orange juice. Orange juice contains a large amount of potassium that our bodies cannot use without the presence of salt.

Therefore, when a person drinks orange juice and does not use the right amount of salt to allow potassium to enter the body’s cells, then histamine is released to correct the problem.

Everyone needs 3/4 grams of salt per 250 ml of orange juice so that the potassium contained in the orange can be used by the body’s cells.

In a book called ‘ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus’ written by Dr. Batmanghelidj, page 149 below and above page 150, Drs. Batmanghelidj wrote: “It is a good policy to increase the amount of salt in orange juice to balance the action of sodium and potassium in withstanding the required amount of water in and out of cells.”

In some cultures, salt is added to watermelons and other fruits to enhance the flavor of the fruit. Generally, most of these fruits contain only potassium.

By adding salt before eating, a balance between sodium and potassium absorption is obtained. This should be done with other fruits as well.

It is also important to add a small amount of salt to the juice you make at home and even to the cake.

What you didn’t know maybe until now is that we need salt for everything we eat because of potassium. Potassium is found in almost everything we eat.

Yes, SALT can be bad for us if we do not drink enough water every day to balance that high salt intake.

One of the biggest problems these days is that people do not drink enough water.

Instead we have moved to coffee, tea, soda, alcohol and so on. The human body needs water and salt.

Proof of this is the use of saline drips (SALINE IV’s) in hospitals and ambulances. Doctors never give a patient a drip of plain water, but with salt in it.

One liter of water drip contains 9 grams of salt in it. If you are seriously ill in an ambulance you are not given coffee, Doctors will prescribe you a drip of salt water and sometimes add another liter of vitamins, minerals or a drip of sugar water (dextrose or glucose).

The best anti-histamine regulator is salt. If you drink a lot of water every day and do not use enough salt in the foods you eat or even chew the salt itself for that much water you drink, the body will re-produce histamine.

You can confirm this when you suddenly have a severe sneeze, or feel like a sore throat and congestion in the nose or throat in general. If you have to cough (or sneeze) to clear your throat regularly, it is a sign that you are dehydrated.

This condition also occurs when we eat foods or drink high-potassium drinks (these are usually canned or boxed foods in stores) and without using too much salt for the potassium in those foods or drinks.

You will experience a loud and sudden sneeze or feel congestion in your lungs or throat.

Excess salt will also cause histamine production and you will experience sudden sneezing, congestion in the lungs or throat as described above. A person’s eyes may also indicate when histamine is produced in the body by providing a runny eye.

When you drink water and you experience any of the above symptoms, then you will need to put a certain amount of salt in your tongue and the symptoms should be gone.

If you are eating a diet and experience one of the above symptoms, you will need more salt for potassium. Just put a piece of salt at the beginning of your tongue and if those symptoms (severe sneezing, congestion in the throat or lungs or tears) subside, you will confirm that what you are reading here is correct.

Trying will not hurt anyone.

You don’t need to swallow salt, just leave it as you chew candy on your tongue for a minute or two and then you can rinse it with water down or spit it out and set it aside.

What is histamine? ((medical) a chemical substance that is given out in the body in response to an injury or an allergy – Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8th edition).

If you have used too much salt or put too much salt on your tongue and you have one of the above symptoms, then you will drink one or two cups of water and the symptoms should go away.

Everyone needs to know their symptoms and try to find the right balance of water with salt in the same way with the specific amount of salt in the food they eat.

Another major regulator we have in our body against histamine is adrenaline. Adrenaline is released by one of the two adrenal glands (adrenal grands) located above the kidneys.

Coffee or caffeine, is the only thing that can stimulate the adreno gland to release adrenaline. Caffeine will also cause the body to use up its energy reserves that the body needs when dealing with emergencies.

If an emergency power reserve is provided when there is no emergency, the body will borrow for itself what it needs during an emergency and thus prove its capacity during another emergency.

Caffeine will cause the body to eat or chew itself (cannibalize off itself). Every cell in the body needs water and salt to be healthy cells that will work together to keep a person healthy.

The use of commercial histamine regulators, will continue to leave only the body with dehydration and salt.

Just think why doctors tell us to stay away from salt and sodium because they are not good things for us. Doctors say we get too much salt in our diet these days.

Ask your doctor or nurse to explain why they give salt water drips to critically ill patients when they tell you you get too much salt in your diet these days ?.

Our problem these days is we no longer drink enough real water. We have turned to commercial drinks.

Animals in zoos drink real water and sometimes travel long distances just to fetch water. Most dogs and cats do not get enough salt these days which is why if you approach a dog or cat first he will want to lick your skin, it is because of the salt on your skin.

It is recommended that you increase the amount of salt in their drinking water and you will notice significant changes in your animals.

Why does the body develop allergies or allergies ?:

Histamine is a chemical agent in the brain that works against bacteria, viruses and the body’s immune system against external enemies, in addition it is also involved in the function of water distribution.

During normal body fluids, ie when you drink enough water every day, these activities (bacterial, viral, immune and water supply) remain stable or undetectable.

When dehydration persists for a long time, the brain regulates the production of large amounts of histamine to attract water.

This cellular histamine system will produce large amounts of neurotransmitters.

It is this act of mass production of histamine that gives the image or response that you have Allergies in the laboratory.

Allergies should be treated with an increase in the amount of fluid intake. On average these conditions disappear after three to four days of rehabilitation.

The production of histamine will be reduced by the increase in water intake.

Another important factor when you continue to rehydrate your body as soon as you are diagnosed with an allergy is vitamin C.

This is because such allergies also affect the body’s immune system to a great extent.

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