Signs that will show you your spouse has reached on the top

Climax is a condition in which a woman reaches orgasm after engaging in sexual intercourse or masturbating herself, a condition that causes her sexual desire to grow earlier.

Of the 100% of women who engage in sexual intercourse, only 57% succeed in reaching orgasm. This is a very high number and can lead to a breakdown in relationships depending on the source. women who have never been to the top in the past or who have reached the top by themselves, may leave their new husbands who have basically failed to reach them unlike those who have never reached the top at all and some have grown up in men’s relationships up to six but still. these who have never been at all it is not easy to divorce their husbands as they already know the problem lies with them.

Now the issue is that there are still many men who get scared that is they do not know if their women are reaching the peak or not .. there are two types of women…. to be reached and if you have met him for the first time he may no longer agree to have sex with you. The following are important symptoms.

1. Severe vaginal tightness;                                                                                                                If you grew up having sex normally then you see his vagina tightening your penis or if you grew up putting your finger in it and then you see your finger squeezing then you know he has reached the climax because that is the vaginal muscles that bend during that period…

2. Sudden loosening of the body;                                                                                              Most of the time before he reaches the top he grows up to hug you and hold you but it happens that all the energy is gone and then he calms down and does nothing again so you know he has reached the top.

3. Sudden behavioral changes;                                                                                                        If she grew up screaming all the time of the act and now she is silent or she was silent all the time and now she is screaming then you know she has reached the top, some women may scratch your nails on her back in this situation.

4. Convulsions;                                                                                                                                      This is a state of stagnation and muscle relaxation is technically called vibration, which occurs when a woman grows up with a strong throbbing sensation. occurs within a few seconds like 15 to 30 seconds and stops.

5. Too much vaginal discharge;                                                                                              During this period the vagina is very sensitive to white mucus but also some women shed a lot of water and jump like a water pipe..this condition should not be alarming as it is one of the most common things.

you don’t try to block anything you do; he may prevent you from continuing to insert his penis that is, remain as you are or hold your hands very tightly, or hold your fingers as you grow up using your fingers to stimulate his genitals.

6. Breathing too fast;                                                                                                              This happens when he or she has already reached the peak, breathes very fast and later begins to breathe slowly. Technically this person is tested for high blood pressure and his heart rate is very high. this may be the reason why some people find death during sex.

the latter; not until a woman gets all the above symptoms is to believe she has reached the peak, getting only one or two of those are enough symptoms. so if you are very careful you don’t have to ask him if he has arrived or not as those symptoms will let you know

Important: A woman cannot show these symptoms if the man she is having sex with does not have male potency and has a problem of never reaching orgasm

A woman can show these signs from the 8th minute onwards since you started having sex. 8 or 15 minutes to 20 minutes in the middle is when a woman can reach the top

If you just inhale you have already urinated or within 5 or 7 minutes the man has already reached the climax is difficult or okay and it is impossible to see your wife showing these symptoms

That is why you have been told that very few women have ever reached the top because men themselves do not have masculine power

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