39 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


More than 1500 studies have confirmed that coconut oil is the best oil under the sun.

This is not surprising because almost everyone knows coconut oil is golden for the health of the body and skin in general.

Many cosmetic products if you examine them will find that coconut oil is also added to it.

To get the real benefits of this oil it must be natural and not mixed with any other or any chemical, it has not passed through the fire at the time of making it and is therefore known as virgin virgin coconut oil (Virgin Coconut Oil).

Many of the benefits of coconut oil are the result of having a very important fatty acid known as ‘lauric’.

Lauric is an essential fatty acid that is a good regulator against bacteria, fungi, toxins, opportunistic infections and infections.

To get these many benefits of coconut oil you can drink it or apply it on the skin.

Coconut oil is one of the most important sources of essential nutrients, making one of the most important alternative medicines available.

Coconut oil can be used to boost the body’s immune system, prevent problems with the respiratory system, cure kidney problems, treat low blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes etc.

Regular consumption of coconut oil can increase the digestion of amino acids, minerals, essential vitamins and thus its use can improve your overall appearance.

That is why it is not surprising to see so many products like cosmetics, soaps and hair sprays being added to coconut oil as well.

There are many amazing benefits in coconut oil for health and beauty that I would like to show you through this article.

39 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. It prevents and treats the problem of memory loss

When coconut oil is digested by the body it stimulates the formation of new brain forces known as ‘ketones’.

Ketones have the ability to distribute energy to the brain even if insulin will be below the level as a result of memory loss (Alzheimer).

Insulin’s main function is to regulate glucose and thus strengthen brain cells.

Unfortunately, the brain of a person with dementia is unable to process its insulin accurately and adequately.

People suffering from memory loss should increase the use of coconut oil in their daily diet.

Treating the problem of memory loss is one of the functions of coconut oil that I would like to inform you through this article.

2. It prevents the possibility of getting cancer

Coconut oil has the ability to fight cancer cells.

Recent studies say that anything that has the potential to boost the brain also helps prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body.

What is more, these oils have the ability to control the bacterium known as helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach ulcers.

3. They double the body’s immunity

A strong immune system plays a key role in the fight against various diseases.

Increasing the body’s immunity is one of the benefits of coconut oil because it is an oil that fights against various bacteria, fungi and viruses.

You can apply it directly on the skin or drink it as well as mix it in various foods to boost your immune system.

4. They increase brain power

One study conducted in 2004 showed that coconut oil has the potential to increase brain power even in older people and the elderly.

Coconut oil contains good fatty acids that are able to support and protect brain cells and enable them to function more efficiently.

5. They increase strength and endurance

Coconut oil has the potential to give you energy and increase your metabolism, one of the most important functions of this oil.

Coconut oil is well-known for its ability to increase endurance.

This is why many runners prefer to use coconut oil.

Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with another teaspoon of raw honey and drink this mixture daily 1 day before going to the gym or to any hard work.

6. A good remedy for orthopedic problems

Osteoporosis is caused by opportunistic infections and chronic body stress.

Coconut oil contains the most powerful toxins that can protect your body against harmful germs.

Additionally, the use of coconut oil can facilitate the digestion of calcium in your stomach.

Calcium deficiency causes bone loss, which can lead to osteoporosis.

To prevent osteoporosis you need to add coconut oil as part of your diet.

This is the benefit of coconut oil that I found not good if I did not tell you.

7. Helps to lose weight

Many people believe that in order to lose weight, you must not use fat.

However this is not the case.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Consumption of coconut oil can help burn more fat in your body as your appetite decreases.

People who are overweight or obese should add coconut oil to their diets and their bodies will stay healthy.

8. Removes Stress

Depression is an inevitable part of our lives.

The job of stress is to make you feel stronger, more gentle and more confident.

When you are stressed your body tends to expand and yearn for more success.

However, prolonged stress can have serious emotional and even physical consequences.

Prolonged stress can lead to severe depression and ultimately affect your appearance.

People with chronic stress appear to be older even if they are still young.

Recent studies have shown a close link between the use of coconut oil and the reduction of mental stress.

We can say that this act of relieving stress is one of the most amazing tasks of coconut oil.

The fatty acids contained in these oils are responsible for this important function.

9. Strengthens the digestive system

To keep your body healthy and prevent disease, you need to have a good digestive system and at the same time a strong system of transporting nutrients, minerals and vitamins from the food you eat.

Fortunately, boosting the digestive system is another activity in which coconut oil can help you without any side effects.

Consumption of coconut oil will allow you to increase the intake of essential nutrients from food because these oils contain minerals that can be dissolved in fats such as calcium and magnesium.

In addition, these fats can help the digestion of other complex fats in the body as a result of the strengthening of the enzymes involved in digestion.

10. Treat problems in the pancreas and bladder

If you experience any pain or problems in the pancreas or bladder you need to increase the consumption of coconut oil.

If you continue to use coconut oil regularly you will also be able to treat the problem of stones in the bladder and eliminate any discomfort due to diseases in the pancreas or bladder.

11. They form the muscles of the body

The great benefits of coconut oil do not end up in its ability to burn fat, but it does have some of the most amazing functions of building body muscles.

In many of the world’s best-selling bodybuilding nutritional supplements coconut oil must be included.

If you want to add more muscle to the body more easily mix one cup of heavy coconut milk (quarter liter), add three tablespoons vanilla, add two teaspoons of orange juice and two ripe bananas.

Grind with a blender in the kitchen (blender) this mixture together with the rest of the day 1 day daily.

12. Prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Preventing tooth decay and gum disease is one of the other amazingly good works of coconut oil that I would like to inform you through this article.

Coconut oil is a medicine that can control bad bacteria and thus prevent tooth decay and other pain in the gums.

To prevent this you just need to use your coconut oil as your toothbrush daily.

You can also add one teaspoon of coconut oil to one cup of hot water to make a mouthwash.

13. Increase the effectiveness of the Liver and Kidneys

According to many doctors, there is a close link between kidney damage and failure to function in this vital organ.

If the kidney failure problem is not addressed it can lead to death. The kidneys and liver are the most important organs in the body that need to be closely monitored to avoid any side effects.

Fortunately, coconut oil has the potential to protect the kidneys and liver from any harmful effects.

Scientists have identified fats in coconut oil that are essential for the health of the liver and kidneys in the human body.

14. It removes stones in the kidneys and bladder

Coconut along with coconut oil contains essential fatty acids that stimulate the formation of ‘Monooctanoin’ which works to dissolve stones in the bladder and kidneys.

Patients who cannot afford the surgery to remove stones in the kidneys and bladder can treat this by using coconut oil as an alternative medicine.

All you need to do is drink just one teaspoon of coconut oil daily for 1 day until you recover.

15. It treats rheumatism

Coconut oil controls inflammation and removes toxins from the body, both of which make it an effective remedy for rheumatism.

You need one teaspoon of this oil every day to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

16. Helps thyroid gland function (thyroid gland)

The benefits of coconut oil also include regulating the body’s functions such as regulating heart rate, respiration, and producing vital hormones.

The pituitary gland produces two hormones that play a key role in boosting the digestive system.

The proper functioning of this thyroid gland can ensure a healthy heartbeat, the same body weight, and a balanced hormonal balance.

17. It treats type 1 diabetes

Treating type 1 diabetes is one of the other benefits of coconut oil because it has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels in the body.

Coconut oil has been shown not only in lowering blood sugar but also in regulating various hormones in the body.

One teaspoon of coconut oil a day is enough for this task.

18. Treats fungal infections

Coconut oil is one of the most effective medicines for treating fungal infections for one of the main reasons that it is an oil that can kill various bacteria and viruses.

This is a function of this oil that would not be good if I did not inform you through this article.

This is the result of having ‘lauric acid’ and ‘capric acid’.

Various studies have shown a link between healthy oil consumption and a decrease in fungal infections.

For any fungus on the skin you can use this oil as your daily lubricating oil you can also drink one teaspoon daily to add more immunity to the body.

19. It regulates your hormones.

Many diseases in the body come as a result of your hormonal imbalance.

It is fortunate to know that coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies in regulating your hormones.

This is because coconut oil contains a good fat known as lauric acid.

Coconut oil balances the most important hormones in the reproductive system for a woman, a hormone known as ‘estrogen’.

Another good source of this hormone is the avocado fruit.

20. It will keep you from getting old prematurely

Premature aging is unpopular with almost everyone.

Premature aging affects not only your appearance but also your health.

When we talk about the amazing benefits contained in coconut oil you must know that one of these is to keep you from getting old prematurely.

The antibodies contained in coconut oil play an important role in reducing opportunistic infections and other liver problems.

21. Reduces brain disease

Prevention of brain disease is another benefit of coconut oil that you should be aware of.

Memory loss is the result of an increase in a chemical known professionally as ‘amyloid beta peptides’.

In coconut oil there is a very important substance known as ‘Phenolic compounds’ which controls the chemical ‘amyloid beta peptides’ and thus eliminates the problem of memory loss more easily.

22. Reduces hunger

Coconut oil can reduce your appetite as it works to reduce hunger in the body.

Using coconut oil will make you feel full for a long time and as a result will help you reduce the amount of energy you absorb into your body every day.

There is a close relationship between healthy fats and moderate hunger.

23. It reduces the risk of heart disease

Various studies have shown that high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) has the ability to protect your heart.

So coconut oil can reduce your risk of heart disease by one of the most important functions of this oil.

Coconut oil contains a very important acid for heart health called lauric acid which has the potential to keep your heart healthy and happy by controlling bad cholesterol in the heart and body as a whole.

Lauric acid increases the level of good cholesterol in the body technically known as High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) while lowering the bad cholesterol also known professionally as Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) which is important for heart health as says Lovisa Nilsson, a nutritionist of Lifesum.

24. They strengthen the digestive system

Studies have continued to show the link between coconut oil consumption and improved digestive systems.

When coconut oil is digested in your body it serves as your direct energy.

People who regularly consume coconut oil in their daily diets have a good digestive system which is essential for burning fat and energy in the body.

25. They fight to eliminate opportunistic infections

Our daily lives lead to the formation of opportunistic infections in the body without our liking.

The proliferation of opportunistic infections in the body is what causes the body to be constantly tired and the source of many other diseases.

Continuing to use coconut oil will help strengthen your immune system as coconut oil contains a sufficient amount of antioxidants against various opportunistic infections.

26. Hair growth

The benefits of coconut oil are not limited to the body, but they have many other benefits when used outside the body.

Studies have shown that the use of coconut oil can be a great help in growing and growing hair.

Studies have shown that the use of coconut oil can prevent any type of hair loss.

Lack of protein can be another cause of hair loss if not controlled immediately.

All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.

Coconut oil is a great protector for your hair.

27. It removes dandruff from the scalp

Do you suffer from dandruff?

Apply coconut oil and dandruff will be lost on your own.

Coconut oil is one of the most powerful alternative treatments for dandruff.

Many dandruff products and cosmetics are added to coconut oil.

We also saw above that it is used to grow hair.

All you have to do is decide on coconut oil as your scalp and you will lose it as you continue to use it.

28. The best oil for your skin

The only good oil for your skin is coconut oil.

This is why many cosmetics and skin cosmetics contain coconut oil as well.

If you have dry or wrinkled skin then apply coconut oil and your skin will be beautiful, smooth, with its natural color and very pleasant.

Ask the people of this coastal region they know it very well.

If you decide to use coconut oil as your skin lotion you will only hear about it from a neighbor.

29. Protects your skin against the sun’s rays

The natural ingredients in coconut oil allow your skin to be exposed to direct sunlight.

One of the other amazing functions of this oil. Coconut oil is natural sunglasses.

According to research, coconut oil can prevent up to 20 percent of the sun’s rays from reaching your skin directly if you make it your target.

Many studies have shown that the sun’s rays have many effects when they land directly on your skin, including wrinkles, skin diseases, and skin cancer.

30. A good scrub

Most of you like to do scrubs especially on the face (facial). In simple language it is the act of rubbing the skin with a special spray to remove all impurities and make it look smooth and pleasant.

Now you do not need chemical pesticides for that purpose when coconut oil can help you without any side effects.

Do this, mix half a cup (mln125) of coconut oil and one cup of sugar and make a scrub and clean your face.

You can also use coconut itself directly before you get its oil.

We are used to using coconut in the kitchen in recipes, but coconut can also be used as a natural scrub for your skin.

Follow these steps to make your facial skin soft, supple and make your face smooth, supple and attractive.

This scrub you can also apply to the whole body, but here I will explain how to apply it to your face.

* Prepare your coconut by scratching it well and in order to get good results try to scrape it slowly so that it comes out soft.

* Wash your face with clean water and regular soap not medicated soap (medicated)

* Dry your face with a clean towel.

* After your face is dry, take the coconut that you have already prepared, slowly start rubbing your face for about 3 to 5 minutes.

* When you are done, you will remain so without washing your face for 15 to 20 minutes.

* After that time, you will wash your face with regular soap.

* Dry your face with a clean towel, then apply your regular lotion.

To get the best results do this for 5 consecutive days without stopping, that is, once a day.

Believe me when I tell you you will get good results until you yourself enjoy your skin and even a voucher you will buy me to compliment me.

31. It treats cold sores in the mouth

Coconut oil is one of the best remedies for cold sores that appear in the mouth.

You need to apply only the affected area directly while drinking one teaspoonful daily and you will not delay the healing of the ulcers.

This is possible due to the same properties of these oils in the fight against bacteria and viruses and opportunistic infections.

32. It strengthens the nails

If you use coconut oil you will have beautiful and pleasant nails.

At the same time spraying coconut oil on your nails kills any pests that can damage your nails.

33. It repel insects

They can be used as a natural insect repellent, including mosquitoes.

All you need to do is mix a small amount of clove or mint oil and apply it on your skin and no worms, including mosquitoes, will come close to you.

Apply this mixture several times a day for best results.

34. Good oil for Lips

Many girls and mothers are users of many chemical lipstick products just to lubricate their outer lips.

What many do not know is that these products are not very safe for their health.

Fortunately for you who are reading this article coconut oil can be used as your natural lipstick with no side effects in the future.

So if you have a problem with dry lips then keep applying natural coconut oil regularly.

35. It is a healthy alternative cooking oil

Unlike sunflower oil or even olive oil, cooking coconut oil is much healthier.

This oil has great potential for burning and still retains its nutrients as normal even after being burned or burned in a fire.

This is because olive oil which can be eaten even raw but when burned in the fire then its quality decreases or in other words produces toxic waste as in most cases when burned but this does not happen with coconut oil!

36. It is a good oil for those who do not like to use animal fat

Not only is cooking with coconut oil the key to health, but it is also a good oil for those who do not like to use animal fats as a substitute for butter or other items you put on the cakes when you eat.

This is because coconut oil remains in its natural state even at room temperature unlike other oils.

37. Fine oils for massage

Coconut oil is a great oil for massage and gives you the calmness you need through massage.

You can mix it with other oils such as cloves and get a special oil blend for massage and if you use it you will be able to relax completely while relaxing your nerves, muscles, brain and body in general.

38. Used to lubricate dry vagina

Coconut oil has so many uses in the body over 100, there are women who have the problem of having a dry vagina all the time even if they are excited how they are still dry.

To get rid of this problem apply coconut oil to your vagina and you will see its other benefits including treatment, fungus and bacteria again without any side effects.

39. Helps in allergies

If we were to explain all the benefits of coconut oil we would certainly not be able to.

One of its most surprising benefits is its ability to control the symptoms of allergies.

Every day apply coconut oil to your nose and see if you will sneeze when you are near what is causing you allergies.

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