Love Is Love

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I have found in love not to go like a train, its engine turned on, you know just walking on the rails. Love needs to be evaluated here and there.
You see your partner is losing you, you don’t have to go like a train on its tracks, stop first and then ask yourself which way you are going is right. And do your best to ask yourself this question. Delays in delays have many health consequences.
There are many people who have found themselves losing their personality, being exposed to whatsaap chat because of texting to those who have not been selected. Remember that you are sending an SMS, who.
I advise my fellow young people when you call him to pay attention when you call him. If you spend too much time on it, the results will be worse for you. Then you have to figure out the right time for you to call or text.
Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. The problem is that you are giving him a hard time answering your SMS or receiving your call.
The result is that you find yourself talking to someone of the opposite sex, you think SMS are coming from the target but it is not. The fault lies with you and yourself.
So there are mysteries, occasions and challenges connected with love. However, the only thing that should not be delayed in filling your head is that the will is NOT OVER.
Love is like Metal and magnets or magnets are connected when they are directed negatively and positively. Keep the negative away from the positive and see how they will connect.
If you find that you are trying to stay close to your partner and he or she is moving, know that there is no attraction. There is something called MKWEPANO. It is like a magnetic field that is both positive and negative.
Love does not need strength, where you are, you will only see it blossom. If you just look at it, you will see how they will follow you. Even if you hide under a mattress, it will follow you wherever you are.
The answer to the line is to see if it avoids you and you know it doesn’t. And it will hurt you if you force it. They can humiliate you if you stick to them. Keep your dignity by letting it pass when you realize it is not yours.
Let it be spiritually clean because love does not require anger. Men’s shoe laces, many holes until they tie a knot !.
I encourage you to be happy for me.

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