Before we go into that list of those small capital businesses, I would like to see exactly what I mean when I say Small Business. I mean businesses with low capital requirements, for an investigation that may be official for our East African countries small businesses are the “most profitable”.
Big profits don’t mean millions of dollars, but the benefits you will get based on your capital are good and if you don’t give up they will take you far.
Note: When you want to trade any business, it is best to have the rules and regulations of the place where you are. Please protect your business by following all government regulations.
Check out this list;

If you are a good cook or have someone who knows how to cook, then advertise if you receive orders for certain recipes.
Suppose you can cook candy or rice meat well.
All you have to do is go to your nearest office and tell them to look for you when they need the food during the day and you will bring them.
Don’t forget to let your contacts find you.
Most of them will love the service because they will not need to go out for food again.

Beauty is a cost. The sisters want to be happy when they go on their journeys whether it is carbon or activity.
The beauty is that this is a daily business you can do.
After doing my research, I found that doing makeup, nails and hair extensions pay off just fine.
There are so many people just running their lives through those businesses. Why did you fail? And if you are not a professional, there is no problem.
Take your time and learn, within a while you will be able to.

Learning construction juice or icecream will not take you long. To succeed in this business, the key is to differentiate yourself.
The most important thing you do not do in the business of creating juice or icecream, is your clean and safe environment for your customers.
The beauty of this business is that its capital is very small.
Only ten thousand is enough for those who have done so with a business venture such as Mak Juice or Zanana Juice Box.

Agriculture is a big part of the lives of Tanzanians and those of many African countries.
With each passing day, agriculture becomes a lucrative business because the farm is expensive.
Despite this, there is still the opportunity to generate income through vegetable farming even if you have limited capital.
Start with just a small portion you can find even if at home.

5. Poultry Breeding (CHICKEN, DUCK, N.K.)
This is a business that has huge profits but also has its challenges such as your dying chicken.
Livestock deaths are devastating to pastoralists and are often caused by such contaminated livestock.
So, when you go into rearing, make sure you have a clean and safe environment for your animals.
Regular cleaning especially especially on their pastures will require.
Since the capital is limited, you can start with local chickens, ducks or even pigeons. Although it takes time but patience, you will see the benefits.

Since the advent of social networks such as Instagram, sports games have built beautiful images.
That’s where you come in and give your photography service.
Photography is a profession like any other profession, so differentiate yourself from continuing to know who knows or uses YouTube only.
Photographic equipment costs unless it does not have to be yours, the key is to be skilled. Many tools you can help your friend or rent.

We are in a world of information and technology, so a company or business that is not online is missing customers.
Take advantage of this opportunity to see working websites through YouTube.
Then, find a business / one that does not have a website and explain the size of the site.
Lastly, tell them that you are providing the service.
For starters this is a great way to get word out that your customers are here for you. This method will help you find ambassadors who will provide other clients.

Starting at weddings, kitchen parties, sandoffs and other celebrations I don’t know. All of these are opportunities where you are going to help people make their celebrations from start to finish.
You are the one who hurts the headlines about people and various services such as decorators, DJs, or looking for a rental car, cooking food and much more.
All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.
For example, get to know the decorators, bridesmaids, DJs so that you can give them the same tasks. You will be rewarded for doing that work.

This is another business that does not require any money at all.
What you need is to know the history of your country especially which has places that tourists like to go.
For example, in Zanzibar a tourist can be paid twenty thousand shillings for one trip. In a day if you get only five trips you leave with more than one lakh.

10. DRESSING CLOTHES.                                                                                                            If you are a fashionista, you can make a good income by sewing clothes for people.
It will take you a while to learn to sew but it is one good job. You get to be creative in making different stitches and end up getting paid.
If you do not have a sewing machine at home, you can go and rent and do your work until you buy your own.

You can teach anything you know if there are people who want to learn.
Evaluate yourself by asking yourself, what is something I know that people want to learn? That is a sufficient resource.
Find those people and give them your services. The profession does not have to be just teaching mathematics and chemistry, if you know how to cook well, sew or whatever then teach people.

Consumers of devices such as phones and computers are increasing every day.
When these devices have a problem such as entering a lock, not everyone can repair it themselves.
That gives you an opportunity to solve their problems for a few cents. You can learn how to fix chronic phone problems on the Internet.

This is also a seasonal business as hair grows every day.
Learn to shave and then start with those close to you, such as friends and relatives.
When you do a good job they will be your return customers and also advertise your services to other people.
All you need to do is buy a shaving machine that you can get for less than fifty thousand.

The great trait of an entrepreneur is to see the value of things before others see them.
So, find a product that sells at a lower price, buy it and find a market where those products are sold at a higher price and go and sell them there.
For example, you can offer goods in Dar es Salaam and sell them in Zanzibar and vice versa is also possible.

Voucher! We buy almost every day.
The benefits are not so great but considering the work is small to do because the vouchers sell themselves.
Vouchers are not something to use force to sell it is important for people to know only if you are selling a voucher.
You can see vouchers being sold everywhere that you will miss customers… but not really, there are only so many places where there is no voucher seller nearby.
Start selling to people you live with, neighbors or even college students.

Fish farming is of two types, there are edible fish and decorative ones. Here I will talk about ornamental fish as they are low cost and also high profitability.
You can start with two or four fish and take care of them. When they breed and become many, sell some of them.

Flowers adorn the house and many decide to plant them in their home.
Keep track of how different flowers are planted and then plant them.
On average, one flowering tree sells for about two thousand. The biggest capital here is the time to plant and handle those trees.
Many people are overwhelmed by work, and when they are not at work, they have a lot to do.
You can clean them and they will pay you. It is a good idea to buy your own equipment that is not expensive but in many places they will allow you to use their sanitary equipment.
If the business is big, you may decide to look for different tools to work more professionally.


I dare say that there is nothing more precious in life than good health.
Many people are shocked these days about the importance of eating well and exercising. So, after you get a good exercise education, start teaching people. You will be rewarded for your skills and time.

Weddings are big business.
So, who doesn’t love to be happy on her wedding day? None. And in order for the wedding to be a success, the couple must adorn themselves.
Find a groom and ask him or her to work for you (preferably free of charge). Over time, you will learn many things that will help you become a professional wedding decorator.

With common sense, it is easier for someone to pay you when you make money for him.
Learn to sell and then find business people and tell them that you can bring in customers for a fee that you will agree to.
This is a good business because you are making money using someone else’s money. All you need is the skills to sell things.

Maybe I should say; “No small business.”
What makes a successful business is not money, it is learning, diligence, technique and not giving up on your journey. Sweat and time are the great capital and every good one has its challenges.
So, when the challenges come they will have the courage to find a solution. If you can do that you will take action.

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