Some business idea you can do

Before we go into that list of those small capital businesses, I would like to put it right when I say Small Business. I mean businesses that require less capital, for informal research in our East African countries small businesses are the “most profitable”.
Big profits don’t mean millions of dollars, but the benefits you will get based on your capital are good and if you don’t give up they will take you far.
Note: When you want to start any business, it is best to follow the rules and regulations of your area. Please protect your business by following all government regulations.
Check out this list.

If you are a good cook or have someone who knows how to cook, then advertise if you receive orders for certain recipes.
Suppose you can cook candy or rice meat well.
All you have to do is go to your nearest office and tell them to look for you when they need the food during the day and you will bring them.
Don’t forget to drop your contacts so they can find you.
Most of them will love the service because they will not need to go out for food again.

Beauty is a cost. Sisters want to be comfortable when they go on trips, whether at work or at work.
The beauty is that this is a daily business you can do.
After doing my research, I found that doing makeup, nails and hair extensions pay off just fine.
There are so many people just running their lives through those businesses. Why did you fail? And if you are not a professional, there is no problem.
Take your time and learn, within a while you will be able to.

Learning to make juice or ice cream will not take you long. In order to be successful in this business, the key is to differentiate yourself.
Most importantly when you are in the business of making juice or ice cream, it is to keep your environment clean and safe for your customers.
The beauty of this business is that its capital is very small.
Only ten thousand is enough to start with some who have done so and have grown their businesses such as Mark Juice or banana Juice Box.

Agriculture is a big part of the lives of Tanzanians and those of many African countries.
With each passing day, agriculture is becoming more and more of a wealthy business because the farm is expensive.
Despite this, there is still the opportunity to generate income through vegetable farming even if you have limited capital.
Start with just a small portion you can find even if it is at home.

5. Poultry Breeding (CHICKEN, DUCK,…)
This is a business that has huge profits but also has its challenges such as your dying chickens.
Livestock deaths are very painful for pastoralists and are often caused by the animals eating dirt.
So, when you go into rearing, make sure you have a clean and safe environment for your animals.
Regular cleaning especially especially on their pastures will be required.
Since the capital is limited, you can start with local chickens, ducks or even pigeons. Although it takes time but patience, you will see the benefits.

Since the advent of social networks such as Instagram, users of such networks have wanted a better image.
That’s when you show up and give them your photography service.
Photography is a profession just like any other profession, so to differentiate yourself from learning to know or use YouTube to learn.
Photographic equipment is expensive but it does not have to be yours, the key is to be skilled. Equipment you can borrow from your friend or rent.

We are in a world of information and technology, so a company or business that is not online is missing customers.
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to create websites through YouTube.
Then search for businesses / companies that do not have a website and explain the importance of having a website.
Lastly, tell them that you are providing the service.
For starters this is a great way to get word out that your customers are here for you. This method will help you find ambassadors who will provide you with other clients.

From weddings, kitchen parties, standoffs and other celebrations I don’t know about. All of these are opportunities where you are going to help people organize their celebrations from start to finish.
You are the one who hurts to find people and various services such as decorators, DJs, or looking for a rental car, cooking food and much more.
All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.
For example, get to know the decorators, the bridesmaids, the DJs so that you can give them the job. You will be rewarded for doing that work.

This is another business that does not require any money at all.
What you need is to know the history of your country especially those of the places that tourists like to go.
For example, a Zanzibar tourist can be paid from twenty thousand for one trip. In a day if you get only five trips you leave with over 100,000.

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