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Every human being is created with a thirst for success in everything he does. Success is the peak of a huge mountain of people built on the foundations and levels of anxiety and exams that are those who grew up growing rest at that peak.

Unfortunately, when you say ‘success’ many think about ‘wealth’. But the fact is that the difference is between being rich and increasing in cost. You may be rich but you are still not successful. Since people think that wealth is the criterion for success, they find themselves indulging in extraordinary acts with the aim of amassing wealth but in the end is finding out that society has not succeeded in the unsuccessful.

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What I believe, real success is to achieve your goals effectively and on time, but that success will give you peace of mind.

Otherwise, you will succeed in accumulating money while creating a bigger problem of stress and security of heart peace. Thus, the success of the shortcut is a fake success that comes with many more serious problems.

With that long introduction, I hope you will understand me better as I go through these ‘open secrets’ of true success in life.

1. Trust yourself

True success begins with you. So, self-confidence is a good foundation that will make you realize your ability to do something. Believe the ability to do that is in your hands. Don’t underestimate yourself, measure yourself by the many good things you can do, reject the spirit of feeling you can’t.

2. Dare

This word is also the second great foundation of success. Fear of boldness is a major crop that continues to push others back and find themselves even starting a journey of success they cannot. Any good and great thing is to work and easy to feel the impossible. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Be courageous and put all your strength and mind into that assurance. However, in this stability, you can weigh well to take ‘calculated risk’ and not ‘just risk’.

3. Plan and implement actions

Remember, if you fail to plan you know you plan to fail. Have measurable and high-level planning. Don’t go for less that your full potential. As you plan, think about where you will find the property and how to draw, but also your plan to be able to measure and measure yourself at the end of the job. However, plans will not be meaningful if you do not implement them effectively. If you fail to plan your plan, go back and look for the one you missed to fix and not cancel the whole plan without good reason.

4. Create a network and communicate

The Internet is like a bridge or infrastructure to achieve success. Make sure you don’t confine yourself to your world alone. Make sure everyone deals with him or her and get a chance to get to know him or her as someone who can be part of a better bridge in one way or another, which is part of your network.

But being on a social network is not enough if you do not communicate with them. Communicating with the network is to keep it ‘active’ so that it doesn’t look like you’re just looking for your time and trouble. In addition, it is important to measure yourself by keeping how many people know you better than how many people you know. For example: you know the CEO of company ‘A’, Ask yourself, does he know you? If he does not know you then he is not part of your network.

But also, look at your daily contact, how many have you talked to about a business or career idea.

5. Be sincere and faithful

This is the biggest secret of all, though I was empowered during these five moments. If you are not honest and truthful while you see your things going well you may be shocked early. You are like a man crossing over on the other side of a bridge. At the end of the day you will find yourself falling apart before you reach your destination.

Honesty will strengthen your network to a greater degree and the complexity of being available to you as part of the cause of other people’s success. For example, look at the numbers you have on your mobile phone. Do you want to call a taxi driver at night or even normal time will you use what criteria? Of course honesty and truth will precede it.

Being honest and truthful with everyone you work with, business or even when doing casual things for friends gives you the opportunity to be the first choice for people who love the needs of the service, product or power you have.

If you carefully follow these five points and remember your God in all things you will truly succeed and remain at peace with your heart.

Believe in what you believe and do research to satisfy yourself before you allow yourself to be swayed by instant gratification so that you have lasting reasons to reject or accept anything.


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