Month: February 2021


business ideas for you 2021

1. TEACHING You can teach anything you know if there are people who want to learn. Evaluate yourself by asking yourself, what is something I know that people want to learn? That is a sufficient resource. Find those people and give them your services. The profession does not have toRead More

Some business idea you can do

Before we go into that list of those small capital businesses, I would like to put it right when I say Small Business. I mean businesses that require less capital, for informal research in our East African countries small businesses are the “most profitable”. Big profits don’t mean millions ofRead More

Road to parenthood

how to make avideo presentation

How to start online business


Everyone in the world wants to succeed. It is something you see in a human being from birth. You will see the baby try to stand up from time to time until he succeeds in doing so and you will see adults struggling here and there to make sure theyRead More

simple way of success to learn today 2021

Every human being is created with a thirst for success in everything he does. Success is the peak of a huge mountain of people built on the foundations and levels of anxiety and exams that are those who grew up growing rest at that peak. Unfortunately, when you say ‘success’Read More

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how to safe at home

This video is show how to can be safe at home, Please watch this video to safe at home