Do this before call

It is common to find yourself using the phone as a way to find someone you really need.

However there are 3 basic things to consider so that you do not become a nuisance to that person and make him not give you a chance:

1. Do Not Make Multiple Phone Servers
There are people who believe that if they call someone, it will often be answered, instead you will look annoying.

Try not to hit more than twice in a row.

There are people who call up to ten times until the caller’s phone runs out of charge, he finds 10 missed calls.

This will not help you, it will make you block or not receive you again and he will save you the inconvenience.

If you see someone not responding it is possible he is in a session, he has forgotten the phone somewhere, he is not in the mood n.k.

Texting will be more helpful than continuing to call in a row if viel you claim.

2. Introduce Yourself And Ask Him To Talk To Him.
Don’t call someone and then start asking “Are I talking to Someone?” – Not right.

Introduce yourself first and clearly thank you for receiving your call.

After that ask for time to talk to him – “I would like three minutes to talk to you please”.

This is to show him that you care about his time and his priorities.

If he is not in a good place to talk he will tell you the best time to call him and if he is in a good place he will tell you to keep going.

3. Go Direct to Point.

Leave stories that will waste more time.

Focus on the argument altogether.

It is good for people like this to prepare either by writing the place or planning your points well and practicing before you call …
. order to receive and allow you to speak you are only talking about IMPORTANT things and for a short time.

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